Annual Number 1

Annual Number 3

Annual Number 4

Prof. B. Sengupto


Dr. H. C. Heinrich Luebke
N. Klein

A Resolve
V. S. Kumar

S. Nageshwar

Why did the Chinese attack us
T. S. Ananthu

Long in Delay
N. Ramesh

Rewriting Indian History
M. S. Vairana Pillai

Was there Love
N. Ramesh

Ah! That Unnecessary Evil
G. T. Sundararajan

Emotions and Human Behaviour
V. Ranganathan

A Sonnet on Vivekananda
G. Viswanathan

M. Vikram Rao

The Society of the Invisible Intellectuals
D. D. Samuel

On Neutrality
T. V. G. Krishnamurthy
D. B. Venkateswaralu

The Panther from Baroda
R. Natarajan

One more N
Nandakumar R. Dave

The Absent Minded Engineer
V. Koteeswaran

No man is an island

Twilight in the Campus

K vs. K
J. C. Camillus

The Opium Den
P. Mohan

Some Reflections on Inertia
D. V. Reddy

Be Happy
K. V. Rangaswamy

Alien in One's own land
Th. Ramachandran

This is Delhi
R. A. Vaswani

Our Library
G. Viswanathan

World's Scriptures
V. K. Vedapuri

Viper, Thy Neighbour
T. S. R.

I Hiss

Jest Before Justice
S. Srikant

Perennial Flower

The Atom
S. Sreenivasan

3rd December 1962—A Red Letter Day
Prof. R. Krishnamurthi

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Annual Number 5

Gerhard Fischer


Peep into a Project
Prof. B. Sengupto

Impact of Engineering on Society
Shri K. Ramachandra

The Kennedy Effect
Shri T. S. Ananthu

Human Rights
Shri R. Natarajan

A Poem
Shri. S. R. Sivaramakrishnan
Shri R. Subramanian

Time and Tide
Prof. B. Sengupto

Random Thoughts on Indian History
Shri R. V. S. Mani

Accidents Don't Just Happen
Shri S. K. Kazi

Congress in Artificial Atmosphere
Shri P. Poornanjaneya Sastry

All in the game (Cartoons)
Shri Philip Dhinakaran

The Last Hour of the Morning
Shri B. Madhusudan Menon

Patriot and Prophet
Shri V. K. Vedapuri

On Faith
Dr. T. Gopichand

Sparks from the Accounts Anvil
Shri G. T. Sundararajan

Two Poems
Shri A. Anantharama Iyer

Destiny Steers Ambition
Shri D. D. Samuel

A Story of History
Shri M. Venkateswara Rao

Shri K. Narayanan

The Newest Religion
Shri T. S. Ananthu

Three Poems
Shri E. S. Bhagiratha Rao

Shri M. Vikram Rao

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