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1st January 2022
Central Workshops, IIT Madras 2022

28th December 2020
IITM 2020: A Year-End Celebration of IIT Madras Heritage

5th March 2020
Heritage Centre Day 2020.

July 2019
Termite Emergence

27th March 2019
A talk by Mr. Poochi Venkat on 'The Perfectionist'

1st March 2019
Heritage Centre Day 2019.

30th January 2019
A talk by Prof. Roland Wittje on Setting up the Historical Archive of IIT Madras

17th January 2019
Wave Quest

3rd January 2019
50 years of Administration Building, IIT Madras

16th November 2018
A Talk by Prof. P. Sriram on Campus History

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