IIT Madras Heritage Centre

The Heritage Centre was formally inaugurated by Dr. Arcot Ramachandran, former Director of IIT Madras on 3rd March 2006. The Centre is located on the ground floor of the administration building. The actual idea of a Heritage Centre was mooted in the year 2000 and it became a reality due to the efforts of Dr. Ajit Kumar Kolar and his team. The Centre is a repository of material of heritage value and historical significance of various facets of the Institute.

Physical Space

Centrally located

The Heritage Centre is located in the ground floor of the Administration Block, right next to Gajendra Circle. It occupies the space where the old manual telephone exchange was situated.

Pictorial account

The display at the Heritage Centre provides a pictorial account of the events that led to the founding of IIT Madras, student life in the early years of the institute, the development of technological and other facilities and visits by distinguished people. The display also encompasses the campus and distinuished alumni.

Variety of artefacts

Also on display are a variety of artefacts including the foundation stone laid at the inauguration of the institute in 1959, a life size oil painting of Prof. B. Sengupto, the first Director of IIT Madras, and a replica of the Inter-IIT Sports Trophy.

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