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20th Convocation and Inauguration of Student Activities Centre, 1983

Prof. P. V. Indiresan addresses the audience, 1983

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This photograph was taken during the Institute’s 20th convocation. The event was held at the Student Activities Centre (SAC) which was a newly constructed facility at the Institute. 

Prof. P. V. Indiresan (Director of IIT Madras) is seen addressing the audience. In an article in The Hindu, it is reported, “M.S. Ananth, former director, IIT Madras, who joined as assistant professor during Prof Indiresan’s tenure, said Professor Indiresan’s entry was like ‘a breath of fresh air’ for the students and teachers.” Prof. Indiresan was known for his bluntness and openness which brought a radical change to the Institute. 
Prof. Indiresan contributed quite extensively to the Institute during this period. One of his major contributions to the Institution was the introduction of a credit system which aimed at helping the students academically by allowing them the freedom of choice of subjects. The system also focused on the consistency of grades. He also introduced a system of having Deans in the Institute for the first time. This was primarily to delegate authority and increase efficiency. 
In terms of infrastructure, Prof. P. V. Indiresan set up the Students Activities Centre (SAC) with a budget of 30 lakhs. The SAC was to house an indoor stadium with three squash courts or one basketball court with a seating capacity of 1500. In addition, the SAC also housed three billiard tables, changing rooms, cloakrooms and most importantly, a modern cafeteria. The SAC was inaugurated shortly before the 20th convocation took place. 

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18 September 1983
Student Activities Centre (SAC)
20th Convocation and Inauguration of Student Activities Centre