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1st anniversary after revamp


Dec 20, 2023


10:30 PM - 12:30 AM


Heritage Centre

The Heritage Centre celebrated its 1st anniversary after revamp on 20/12/2023 with an eventful program that was held at the Centre from 5-7 pm. The program was highlighted by the entry of the Heritage Centre into the world of AR which was enabled by Mr. Vivek Mahaveer Jain of Flipp AR.

Mr. Kartic Vaidyanathan of the game development consultancy; ‘LetsPlayToLearn’ designed an IITM heritage themed game to mark the occasion.

A coffee table book titled ‘The Perfectionist’ was also inaugurated at the event. The book is a compilation of the exhibition on the late photographer’s, Mr. C. Gourishankar, work that was held at the Heritage Centre in 2019.