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About the Centre

The People

An Advisory Committee comprising Professors, past directors and alumni manage the Centre; and are assisted by staff who manage the physical space.

Advisory Committee

  • Prof. Ajit Kumar Kolar

    Retired faculty, and creative force behind Heritage Centre

  • Prof. M.S. Ananth

    Former Director, and co-creator of Heritage Centre

  • Prof. Koshy Varghese

    Current Dean of Administration, long-time campus resident

  • Mr. Krishnan Narayanan

    Alumnus, President, IITM Alumni Association

  • Mr. Kumaran Sathasivam

    Alumnus, Operational Chief of Heritage Centre, avid photographer

  • Prof. Mahesh Panchagnula

    Alumnus, Current Dean of Alumni & Corporate Relations

  • Prof. R. Nagarajan

    Alumnus, first-ever Dean of International & Alumni Relations, and professor-in-charge of Heritage Centre

  • Prof. Roland Wittje

    Science & Technology historian, Professor-in-charge, IITM Archive

  • Prof. S. Santhakumar

    Alumnus, former Dean of Academic Courses

  • Mr. S. Srinivasan

    Alumnus of first Class of graduates from IITM

  • Prof. P. Sriram

    Alumnus, former Dean of Administration

  • Prof. C.S. Swamy

    Retired faculty, dedicated to development of Heritage Centre

Faculty member In Charge

  • Prof. R. Nagarajan

    Faculty In Charge of Heritage Centre


  • Mr. Kumaran Sathasivam

    Project Manager

  • Ms. Mamata Dash

    Senior Project Officer

  • Bhuvanesh Santharam

    Senior Content Writer

  • Sushmitha Sathasivam

    Senior Graphic Designer

  • Diya Mariam Satheesh

    Project Associate

  • Mr. Mani Kandan

    Office Assistant

  • Mr. Jabaraj J.

    Office Assistant