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Video Tours of the Campus


Learn what life’s like on the IIT Madras campus with our campus tours. You’ll see the flora and fauna, classrooms, hostels, recreation spaces and more. Be sure to schedule an in-person visit to experience it all for yourself.

Heritage & Hostel Tour

We have short videos of the key locations of heritage value and hostels in the IIT Madras campus. The map highlights these locations on the campus. You can pan/scroll the map (click the map, hold the left mouse button and drag the map to a new place) and zoom to identify the location of interest. Click on the location to view the video.

Gajend ra Circle Cent ral Library Cent ral Workshop Mechanical Sciences Block Building Sciences Block Electrical Sciences Block Humanities and Social Sciences Block Administ ration Block(Ad Block) Sa rayu Hostel Sha ravati Hostel Vind hya Mess Sabarmati Hostel Open Air Theatre Himal aya Mega Mess Narmada Hostel God avari Hostel Sindhu Hostel Ganga Hostel P amba Hostel Mahanadi Hostel Mandakini Hostel Jamuna Hostel Alakananda Hostel Sa raswati Hostel Tapti Hostel Skating Rink Tunga Hostel Bhad ra Hostel Cau very Hostel Krishna Hostel B rahmaputra Hostel Tamiraparani Hostel Students Activity Centre (SAC) Swimming Pool Nilgiri Mess Department of Management Studies(DOMS) Mystery Structure From Main Gate IIT Mad ras Main Gate

The Heritage and Hostel tour will take you through various locations on the IITM campus. Watch this space for more tours.

Other Campus Videos