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'Educationist, Progressivist, Humanist: Festschrift for Mr. M. S. Iyengar' by Kumaran Sathasivam


Jul 17, 2023


3:00 PM - 5:27 PM


Heritage Centre

Mr. M. S. Iyengar is widely known as a person who transformed the system of school education in Madurai in the 20th century through his ideas and efforts. Educationist, Progressivist, Humanist: Festschrift for Mr. M. S. Iyengar tells the story of his life. The narration is richly supported by Mr. Iyengar's reminiscences. The book also presents recollections of many who have been close to Mr. Iyengar and those who have been greatly influenced by him.

What emerges in the book is the portrait of a remarkably progressive human being, one who broke the mould, one who is very attentive to everyone around him and cares for them, one who has always been ready and quick to support.

(from the blurb)