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I. C. Engines Laboratory next to the Central Workshop

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As of April 2021, the building is marked by its light blue colour. Presently, the area surrounding the building is filled with trees. The laboratory is located near the Central Workshop (visible towards the far right). In the Souvenir Volume of 1962, Mr. Y. S. Ramaswamy writes “As an aid to the practical aspect of teaching and research, various departments have been provided with special laboratory facilities to enable them to conduct experiments and research. The laboratories which are however likely to be noisy and dirty and would require large supplies of water and power and have waste disposal problems have been separated from the main Departmental Buildings and have been housed in Individual Unit laboratories. At the present moment Individual Unit laboratories are under construction for Steam Engines and Thermodynamics, I.C. Engines, Metallurgy, Chemical Engineering, Fluid Mechanics, Turbo Machines, Hydraulic Machines and Hydraulic Structures. Further, laboratories for hot and cold working of metal, a special shed for Chemical Engineering and a structures’ laboratory are under contemplation. The design of the laboratories includes rooms in the front of the laboratory hall to provide space for a small workshop, instrument room, store, seminar room, research rooms etc. and at the back is a laboratory shed 120´ x 50´ for installing the machines and conducting the experiments and research.”

Gourishankar Collection
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Visit of the German President and Buildings of IIT Madras, 1962
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C. Gourishankar (1936-2002). A geologist by qualification, Gourishankar started his career as a photographer after working for many years with the Geological Survey of India. In everything that he did, Gourishankar strove to achieve flawlessness and impeccable quality. Thus his photography too was characterised by this drive for perfection. Every photograph that Gourishankar took was meticulously planned and shot and printed with diligence and patience. Gourishankar carried out most of the official photography at IIT Madras in the 1960s.
I. C. Engines Laboratory next to the Central Workshop