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Mr. M. C. Chagla discusses research reports with Prof. B. Sengupto

Institute Events , Administrators , Visiting VIPs

Seen in the image from the right is Mr. C. V. Sethunathan (Registrar), Prof. B. Sengupto (Director, IITM), an individual who is yet to be identified and Mr. M. C. Chagla (Union Minister for Education).

Mr. M. C. Chagla (Union Minister for Education, New Delhi) visited IIT Madras at least twice. The first occasion was as chief guest for the second convocation of the Institute. He returned to IIT Madras a little more than a year later on 17th June, 1966. A formal event was held on occasion of this second visit to the Institute. During the event speeches were made and a cheque towards the National Defence Fund was presented to him by the Institution. He was also shown research reports, presumably before the commencement of the event, which he discussed with the Director, Prof. B. Sengupto. The research activities in IIT Madras are known to have taken off only in the 1970s. But evidently there was nascent research at the institute even earlier, with the brochure of the third convocation mentioning that Minister Chagla and Director Sengupto discussed research reports when they met. The documents in the photograph are tentatively identified as the research reports referred to.

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13-18 Feb 1966 and 29 feb 1966
VIP Visit