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Prof. B. Sengupto explaining a point to Prof. A. Ramachandran during the transfer of charge for the post of Director, 1967

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Prof. A. Ramachandran succeeded Prof. B. Sengupto as Director. Prof. Sengupto’s tenure, which had started in 1959, came to an end in December 1967. However, Prof. Sengupto was at the Institute until 21 January 1968, according to his article ‘A Personal Remembrance of Things Past’ which was published in the Silver Jubilee Souvenir.

Prof. Sengupto was the first Director of IIT Madras (1959 to 1967). He was responsible for the growth of IIT Madras in its early years. It was under his guidance that most of the infrastructure at the Institute, including the academic complexes, workshops and hostels came into existence. In the Convocation Brochure of 1968, it is mentioned, “As Prof. Sengupto completed his term of office in December 1967, he could look back with satisfaction on his eight years of unremitting toil which has helped to turn into reality his dream of an ‘academic township’.”

Gourishankar Collection
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Building Sciences Block (BSB)
Transfer of charge
11 December 1967
C. Gourishankar (1936-2002). A geologist by qualification, Gourishankar started his career as a photographer after working for many years with the Geological Survey of India. In everything that he did, Gourishankar strove to achieve flawlessness and impeccable quality. Thus his photography too was characterised by this drive for perfection. Every photograph that Gourishankar took was meticulously planned and shot and printed with diligence and patience. Gourishankar carried out most of the official photography at IIT Madras in the 1960s.